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You're a job seeker or you're an employer

Have you been waiting so long for that new challenge? Do you have talent, experience, education, but you still can’t seem to find a job?

You are looking for help in the short term

How annoying, you strained your back when you were about to paint the ceiling. We are here to help each other, but how do you quickly find help nearby?

You are a student and want to connect

Even at college and university, it can sometimes be quite lonely as a Christian. Talking to like-minded people offers a solution to be encouraged.

Pastor and Member of the Church Council

There is a great deal of hidden talent and expertise in the church community that can be of great value to the church. It’s time to make them visible.

Entrepreneur needing a good connection

You want to bring your company to the attention of customers who are looking for your specific service or product. Supply and demand are optimally matched!

You are a teenager with a lot of ideas

You’re satisfied with the youth in church and you visit each other again via social media. Chances are you don’t really know much about each other yet.

Busy with campaign preparation

Summer 2022 is near and we are almost done with production for our global crowdfunding campaign. Animations look top notch!

Explanimation: production in phases

It is interesting to see how an explanimation video (explain animation) is created. It is a combination of 2D animation (frame-by-frame)…