Article: Church Leader

Pastor and Member
of the Church Council

There is a great deal of hidden talent and expertise in the church community that can be of great value to the church. It’s time to make them visible.

Increase overview and engagement​

With a small action you can quickly and easily see which church member has which gifts and talents. Would you also like every church member to be informed about the church program? That no one accidentally misses the latest updates anymore? This also falls under the solutions that the Reel8 app offers.

Finding employees has never been so transparent and easy. Simply select which profiles need to be met and the right people will join you – with the flick of a finger.

The app also offers an online donation module. This allows people to quickly and easily transfer a gift to churches and organizations. This way, those who missed the service also get a chance to contribute to the collection.

Reel8 is characterized by a specific focus on church building. By streamlining processes and creating engagement, through aligned relationships, the awareness of one body of Christ will increase.