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One King

One King Foundation consists of the board and initiators Percy and Natascha Wagner. They are supported by a permanent circle of volunteer professionals. One King is a Christian creative organization founded in 2012 that has the vision and mission to support the Body of Christ with modern media resources in carrying out its mission and to help her come closer together.

More than 17 years ago, the Lord gave Natascha and Percy a desire to be able to realize a storehouse for the Body of Christ. They also desired, meanwhile as pastors of their home church, to be able to share with society and be Jesus' hands and feet.

During these 17 years the Lord made the vision more concrete. This resulted in a 'relationship tool' that makes making contacts between different denominations easier than ever. A tool through which charitable causes that help 'widows and orphans' in our society, can be substantially and financially supported. However, the tide was too early and the concept too extensive to put it on the market.

In recent years, the One King Foundation has invested a lot of time and personal capital, supported by a small circle of loyal supporters. Much preparatory work has been done to further develop and design this Christian social app.

View the examples below of previous versions that have led us to the current developments: