Article: Help

You are looking for help
in the short term

How annoying, you strained your back when you were about to paint the ceiling. We are here to help each other, but how do you quickly find help nearby?

Get out of trouble quickly

So here too you can find someone who would like to help you out by using the search function and the matching function.

Are you not doing well, but do you still have to take care of the children and regular home help is not an option? Via Reel8 you will find volunteers with experience in childcare in no time.

In short, we are far from knowing how rich we are as a Church of God. So many gifts, talents, and so many treasures, to be given and received freely. Just as the believers from the first church in Acts 2 were unconditionally ready for each other, Reel8 wants to give shape to the church community of the here and now.