Article: Teenager

You are a teenager
with a lot of ideas

You’re satisfied with the youth in church and you visit each other again via social media. Chances are you don’t really know much about each other yet.

Increase your group​ of friends

With the Reel8 app, you fill in your personal profile and the interests with which your contacts should match. And every day you find out that there are more people in your church with the same interests and hobbies.

But suppose you haven’t been in a church that long and you don’t know many people yet. With this app, you can make new friends very quickly and easily. If you feel like chatting with Christian youths from all over the country, you don’t have to register with one or another group first, but you can find them on your screen with the flick of a finger.

If you have not yet joined a church, you are still very welcome. Create a profile, see who interests you and start a conversation. When applying for a profile, everyone is first presented with several questions that you can answer. This way we know that you are a real person and we keep the platform nice and transparent.