Update 1

Busy with the
campaign preparation

Summer 2022 is near and we are almost done with production for our global crowdfunding campaign. Animations look top notch!

Mixing process voice over recording
Animation final production

A creative leap​

In order to bring the funding of a special social app to worldwide attention, it is important to support this with well-considered quality and creativity.

A unique animation style, self-produced music and a series of video presentations have been chosen to convey the concept in an inspiring way. All media channels must of course also be adapted in word and image, such as this website.

Special attention was paid to the 2D animation and motion design. Our animator Noa has indulged in character design and key visuals.

Reel8 YouTube channel
Hi-fi clickable prototype design


To reach a large audience, a Reel8 YouTube channel has been specially set up. All explanation videos will be shown here with Dutch and English subtitles. These can be shared with all interested parties in your network.

When there are ‘business angels’ or ‘venture capitalists’ in the audience, we would like to get in touch with them. We can present a hi-fi clickable prototype, as well as other pitch documents that substantiate the feasibility and scalability of this app.