Reel8, is it for me? | Student

Reel8, is it for me? | Student


You are a student

Also at Highschool, College, University, and so on, it can sometimes be quite lonely as a Christian.

But you did not know, for example, that there are many more Christians on your form of education who would very much like to organize something with fellow believers. It would also be great if you could find your brothers and sisters nationally on the campusses.

With Reel8 you will have found your future prayer partners, gospel musicians and supporters for a new youth movement, in a heartbeat. You fill out your profile and the search terms for the person you would like to find. And every day you will be surprised to find a new collection of people that best suit your plans.

The Reel8 app empowers you and gives you opportunities to quickly find accommodation, find a nice job, call in auxiliary troops to help you move, find that one crazy bike for a reasonable price and you name it!