Reel8, is it for me? | Help

Reel8, is it for me? | Help


You need help

How annoying, suddenly you pull a muscle and you were just planning to paint the ceiling. We are here to help one another.

So here as well, through the search- and matching function you can find someone who likes to help you .

Is it not going so well, but do you have to take care of the children and the regular home help is not an option? Via Reel8 you will find volunteers with experience in childcare in no time.

In short, we do not realize by far how rich we are as the Church of God. So many gifts, talents, so many treasures, free to share and receive. As the believers from the first church in Acts 2 was there for each other unconditionally, Reel8 wants to be the hands and feet of the church in the here and now.