Reel8, is it for me? | Entrepreneur

Reel8, is it for me? | Entrepreneur


You are an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur you are busy enough. On occasion you take out services with Christians, because you grant your fellow believers that things are going well in their business.

Of course, first of all from the heart of Christ. The first Christian church in Acts 2 also took care of each other. But when we are successful, we can make a meaningful footprint in our part of society. Together we can support each other to realize the individual mission of the Lord to every single one of us.

But yes, do you as an entrepreneur have the time to also look for Christian professionals in your market segment, according to your standards?

With the Reel8 app you can find the right person in the relevant segment within a few seconds. You get your perfect match every day through customized personal profiles. So you are your own intermediary. That saves a lot of time and effort – and money.